Puerto Vallarta

Our day in Puerto Vallarta was full of exploring, walking, tasting and geocaching. The geocaching gives us an excuse to go exploring parts of the city that one would normally not see. It takes us into neighborhoods and little parks and plazas. We walked many kilometers today and took many photos. The public art continues to amaze us. And people love to sit on and interact with the sculptures. We wish our cities back home would invest more in art and public places.

Puerto Vallarta is a city of 255,000 built on the edge of the mountains as they plunge into the ocean. It’s a long narrow crescent-shaped city, maybe 20 kilometers along the harbor. Tourism is it’s main income with airlines and cruise ships bringing people here from all over the world.  Canadians seem to have a big representation here. We have talked to many. Also it is a major vacation spot for Mexicans. This is a rich paradise.
The Rio Cuale that flows next to old town is a great place to get away from the hustle of tourists and the eager vendors. We saw the Great Kiskadee, the Little Blue Heron, the Plain Chachalaca, the Snowy Egret, swallows, and other birds. Plus there is a nice little cafe there that sells the 2 for 1 drinks that every place in PV seems to sell.
Rio Cuale
Rio Cuale
How about a couple of Mojitos and Margaritas?
How about a couple of Mojitos and Margaritas?
One of our geocache finds was at the top of a high stairs in a beautiful neighborhood.
Climbing to check out a cache
Climbing to check out a cache
When we got up there and were looking for it, a little girl came out from a house and asked if we were looking for the geocache and said it with correct pronunciation. Then she showed us where it was hidden. That was very cute and she was very proud of herself.
People are friendly and helpful here. A lot of the Mexican people whose job is to deal with the tourists can speak pretty good English. A lot better than our Spanish, but we keep trying. We need to spend more time down here to get our Spanish together.
This is where geocaching takes you!
This is where geocaching takes you!

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