A Few of My Favourite Things

My feet touch the floor and my first reactions is, “what is that funny texture?” Then I realize that it is carpeting. We are at home, in our own bed. Did I really get that used to tile floors while we were in Mexico that I would notice the difference immediately?

Tile floors are one of the things I love about Mexico. I love how it feels so smooth, cool, clean. . . Even in some of the budget hotels we stayed in, the floor was always spotless and shiny.

There are other things I love:

– the freshly squeezed orange juice. I wonder how many oranges they had to squeeze to provide me with my generous glass every morning.

–  I love their Tres Leches cake (3-milk cake). Not sure what the milks are, but I’m sure whipping cream is one of them.


–  continuing with the food theme – there is food everywhere. There are the breakfast stands, that later in the day are all closed up. And the taco stands that appear on certain streets at specific hours. The stands selling fresh fruit juices, or chopped up fruit. The specialty foods – roast corn, or tamales. . . If you are hungry, just go one block over and you’re sure to find something to eat.

–  the markets that take over whole streets. And how all of the shops are grouped together according to what they sell. No running around from store to store if you want to buy a certain kind of thread. All the thread shops are all together.

Need thread??? Shop after shop selling an amazing amount of thread.
Need thread??? Shop after shop selling an amazing amount of thread.

– I love the art and sculptures that are everywhere, in the plazas, in the parks, in the centre of round-abouts. Mexico supports their artists.

– The luxury buses (although we took a couple to the smaller towns that were just mediocre) that give you assigned seats, that give you a little bag of goodies when you board, and have headphones so that you don’t have to listen to the movie that is playing on the overhead screens.

​- And, perhaps the main thing I love, is people-watching in the plazas. Nothing like hanging out in the shade with an ice cream cone or some fresh fruit and watching the world go by. . . especially in the evening when whole families come out to promenade together, some busker is entertaining a small group of people, music comes from across the plaza.
Thank you, Mexico, for sharing your food, your culture, and your art with us.

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