Our roots go deep into the Saskatchewan Parklands, but our branches spread out around the world. This blog is used to share our experiences while travelling.


16 thoughts on “About”

  1. Looking forward to the photographs. Perhaps people you meet along the way will post pieces about themselves and their view of the world and your trip.

    Technology! Does it not open us up to so many new ways to experience? Be safe, not too safe, but safe.

    Jeane/James Montana

  2. I am looking forward to going around the world with you. How exciting! I knew you would make this trip come true and am very happy to be included in your experiences. Hope to see you when you visit Saskatchewan.

  3. Wow, you guys…making things happen again! Maybe we can do the walk to South America when you are back! Hal and I are considering a trip to Australia in the new year so will be happy to hear of your experiences…not only there but along the way. Hope we can touch base when you are in Sask. before you leave.

  4. WOW! That is very exciting! I definitely can’t wait to see the pictures. What a journey that will be. God be with you and keep you safe.

  5. Hmmm, let’s see…a name for a blog site name…how about Rebecca and Galen’s ROMANCING THE WORLD…or GLOBAL WEAVING…or GLOBAL TRAVEL BLANKET or Happy TRAILS?

    I am so glad that you are well on your way in your travels. Already miss you in the neighbourhood. I look forward to viewing your photos and reading your wonderful – soon – to – be – experiences.

    I feel honored to be included in your travel…although I am unable to travel anymore, I am sure that it will feel like I am going places while in my own living room…how cool is that!

    Take care, enjoy, you both deserve it all.

    Love & Hugs & Woyaya & Namaste

  6. Hello you two and Happy Thanksgiving.. Of course you are doing this, it was always meant to be. Looking forward to seeing you in a few days and journeying with you through your photos and sound. Love Greg and Al

  7. Well – it says October 27th on our agenda – just as well as in yellow on your travel calendar!

    That means, you are due to Zürich on monday… is that correct?
    We are looking forward to meeting you at Zürich Main Station on your way from Geneva – correct?

    What time are you planning leave? We are at your disposition by 12 o’clock…. our home phone number (for Sunday): 044 251 05 70, mobile phone (Monday morning): 079 345 62 32.

    See you! Susanne & Werner

  8. Hi there Rebecca and Galen: You picked a really good time to travel. There was a suspicious Suicide/Murder two houses up on my street 616 Pine Street on October 11, 2007 . It being a five week month, two homeless men had knocked on my door the night before…I did not answer. The street [Pine Street] was inaccessible for 12 hours plus. Police, Reporters, two upset neighbours at my door after G.H.C. practice.

    Hallowe’en was awesome, loving and fun is the neighbourhood.

    Also, I do not know if you have been reading the G.H.C. members page, Shivon Robinsong is donating her left kidney to an old friend and business partner at hollyhock. “WE” have mixed feelings about this. She will undergo surgery at St. Paul’s, in Vancouver, on November 14th, send some energy if you can. There is lovely pictures of the First Nations Ceremony on the choir’s website.

    Your trip is awesome…some challenges yes, but that is the freedom of traveling…I love your own personal “takes” on it all. It is very refreshing to read. Again my loving thoughts and good wished are with you both – always!

    Love & Hugs & Namaste From Shelley Scott [fellow G.H.C. Tenor]

  9. HI Galen and Rebecca
    First let me introduce first, I meet u on ur trip back from Vijayawada to bhuvaneshwar and I got down at Rajahmundry.
    Even though I spend just 3 hrs with u it was a very good and a content full discussion.
    I hope u reached safely to bhuvaneshwar and pray good u reach ur home safely.
    Galen u r really a nice person with a friendly body language.
    Hope we maintain contact together..

  10. Hello Galen and Becky, I am following your journey with great interest.You are seeing some fabulous sights in India.Here in chilly saskatchewan we have just had a few pleasant days.Like -10 or so but now we are rapidly heading back down well into the-20c s and more.Over the end of dec it was really cold.I was reading about your temp of around 30+ NIIICCCEEE!!! Keep enjoying your wonderful trip and be safe and happy.Love to you both.Mary & Bill Squire.

  11. Hi Its nice to see your blog!!! I am hooking you up as a life line!! I am happy to see that you are both doing well!! I think of you both often!

  12. Hi Rebecca,
    I have recentlty read an article by a Rebecca Kennel about Birch Sugaring by Josephine Daigneault of Ile a la Crosse. I am wondering if you are the author. I am working on a website for the school about Michif Culture and was hoping to use the article. I have an original copy from the 1982 Western Producer.

  13. Hello becky and galen, long time since you posted is all well with you?
    I check your site quite regularly but no new news since feb 22.I expect you are enjoying some exotic area where there is no access to internet.thank goodness there are still some places like that left.Have fun and enjoy every minute just remember to slow down now and again to watch the world go by and to smell the flowers which I am sure there are plenty of.Bill & I talk of you both often we have so many great memories.love Mary.

  14. Becky and galen, So glad to know you are home but sad for you too.Its hard to come back down after a trip like that is’nt it?still time to start saving the pennies for the next leg wherever that may take you.Good luck to you both and a great WELCOME HOME.Mary & Bill.

  15. Hi you guys.. long time no hear! Greg and I are still planning to visit the island beginning of July and are hoping to see you. Will you please email us or phone. Hope all is well… still waiting for the posts. Al

  16. hey! hope you are doing great.
    gone through your blog..it’s just great…
    this is about your journey from Pune to Kolhaput (in India)…
    i think you have not explored any places in Kolhapur…
    have you not been to any place in kolhapur? there are so-many beautiful places near by and in kolhapur. You can go through site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kolhapur so you will get some information on kolhapur.

    just helping you to explore Kolhapur….
    just want to know have you liked it or not…. 🙂

    take care.. have a nice day.

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