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Tapalpa to Manzanillo

Our bus leaves at 9:00 AM and there were no breakfast places open. We asked the coffee crew sitting outside the confectionery where to get breakfast. Do ranchers all over the world meet at 7:00 for coffee?? So we bought coffee (really good, actually), yogurt, and pan dulce from the confectionery and sat in the square to eat. Guys were power washing the plaza, so it was noisy and it was cold, probably about 8C.

Coffee and pan dulce in the Tapalpan Plaza
Coffee and pan dulce in the Tapalpan Plaza
Our tickets to Cd. Guzman cost 85 pesos each. We stood by the drainage ditch across from the bus depot, in the sun, and waited. Two guys had a ladder down in the ditch and one guy was down there retrieving something. He climbed out with a small green ball. Later we saw him throwing it for his dog. No wonder he had a sheepish look on his face when he looked at us.

Across from here is a wand, car wash and beside that four guys are digging for a new building. A large wire cage (about 6’x6′) sits on the street, full of empty plastic bottles.

The driver announces it is time to leave and we get on the brand new bus that must have been made especially for really small people. The seats are comfortable, but narrow with no leg room.
We have to go back down the mountain the way we came up, about a half hour of switchbacks. A young couple was sitting in front of us, she was holding a baby and he had a small boy on his lap – maybe about 1 year old. The poor little boy got carsick going down the mountain and kept throwing up in a plastic bag that dad had ready. This must have happened before. But the little boy was so good. . . no crying or making a fuss.
Down on the flat again we made our way past lush, irrigated fields. Lots of shade houses for raspberries. Like acres and acres.
Raspberries under shade
Not sure what these were for. . .
We passed several lumber mills, probably cutting the pine from the mountains. Also cement plants mining the limestone from the sides of the mountain, and a paper mill.
Nice bus terminal in Cd Guzman.
Bus terminal in Ciudad Guzman
Bus terminal in Ciudad Guzman
We bought our tickets for the 11:35 bus but it was late, probably coming from Guadalajara. The ticket agent hadn’t assigned us seats together, but the bus was fairly empty so we moved to a seat together.
We climbed through gorgeous mountains with many steep canyons with lush vegetation. It was a two way road for a while, then the toll road started and we sailed along on top of a plateau.

We just missed the big volcanic eruption of the Colima volcano that happened on Wednesday. We couldn’t even quite figure out where it was from the highway.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iyGyfcYER8

We dropped down pretty fast to the coast, coming in to Manzanillo. Lots of coconut palm plantations, mango and papaya orchards. The air is warm and humid here and the vegetation is lush. Manzanillo is a major port city for Mexico, with rail lines to Mexico City and Guadalajara and lots of shipping traffic. It’s nice to see ocean-going vessels again. . .haven’t seen that since Victoria (BC).

Before we left the bus station, we buy our tickets to Puerto Vallarta. The only first class bus that leaves during the day is at 8:40 AM, so we will be getting up and leaving tomorrow. Then we will have a couple days in Puerto Vallarta and then home on Monday.

Procrastinating about writing in the blog!


Our hotel is right along the beach, so we sit here now watching the crescent moon set and the ships coming into the port that we can see lit up on our left.

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There are a few more photos in our Flickr album.